Earth & Ocean Raffle

Win some great art, and help the Wildlife Center!

“Cormie” the Double-Crested Cormorant

“Cormie” the Double-Crested Cormorant

One of the most remarkable things about living at the North Oregon Coast is the amazing array of wildlife we are blessed to see on a daily basis. From magnificent eagles to the tiniest hummingbirds . . . puffins to pelicans . . . chipmunks, beaver, and elk – it’s always a thrill to catch glimpses of our live wild treasures. The elements of the Oregon coast make it a rugged place to live; seasonal migrations can be brutal; and there is also human impact – cars, electrical lines, and lead poisoning to name a few – all making life here challenging.

Many of you likely already know our very own Melisa volunteers with Wildlife Center of the North Coast. In operation for 24 years, WCNC rescues and rehabilitates injured, sick, orphaned and displaced native wildlife with the goal of releasing healthy, strong creatures back into their appropriate habitat. On average, WCNC takes in more than a thousand animals per year, from nearly 170 miles of coastline.

Melisa & Cormie

For the past 10 years Melisa has served the Wildlife Center in almost every capacity from transport, to hands-on work with the wildlife, to serving as the board president, and more recently by taking on the role of Bird Curator, caring for and training the resident ambassador birds.  The shining star of the education program is a very charismatic double-crested cormorant named Cormie. To follow, we share Cormie’s story, and how you can participate in the important work of funding a much needed seabird display enclosure for her.

Cormie came to WCNC in the summer of 2015 as a nestling, after a bald eagle plucked her from her nest, and dropped her into a tree in Astoria. Due to a permanent wing injury, she was not releasable and was raised at the Wildlife Center to become an educational ambassador for her species.

Seabird Display Enclosure Project

Seabird Display Enclosure Project

For the past 3 years, Cormie and Melisa have been working together for Cormie to learn all the skills she needs to participate in her own care, and eventually to go out into the community to help people learn about cormorants, and other birds and wildlife. She’s an incredibly smart, curious, and comical creature, and the Wildlife Center is looking forward to introducing her to more and more coastal residents and visitors alike.

Lacking a permanent enclosure, Cormie has been making do in one of the rehabilitation enclosures, but the time has come to get her a place of her own. WCNC is in the midst of a fundraising campaign for a seabird display enclosure.  Aside from Cormie getting a housing upgrade, this would be a huge step toward the Wildlife Center becoming open to the public as a conservation education facility.

You can learn more about this project and donate directly here.

And, if you have ten minutes to spend on lighthearted bird entertainment, here’s Cormie’s film debut.

The upcoming Cannon Beach Earth & Ocean Arts Festival (September 16-19) revolves around the Cannon Beach Gallery Group’s collaboration with local environmental nonprofits. A portion of festival proceeds will go towards assisting these organizations in maintaining protection of Oregon’s North Coast region. In addition to supporting all of the festival nonprofits, Bronze Coast Gallery has decided to focus a particular fundraiser on the Wildlife Center of the North Coast, and here’s where YOU come in!


The following items have been generously donated by our artists for the sole purpose of raising funds for Wildlife Center of the North Coast’s seabird display enclosure – a new home for Cormie! This is your opportunity to donate to a remarkable cause AND win an incredible piece of art.

Ticket Prices:

  • 1 for $10.
  • 3 for $25.
  • 15 for $100.

($100 donation comes with a personal tour, led by Melisa, of WCNC next time you are in town!)

Call or email us and we will send you an invoice to pay remotely.

(503) 436-1055 / [email protected]

The winning ticket will be drawn at the end of the Earth & Ocean Festival on September 19, 2021.

You do not need to be present to win.

Artwork Up For Raffle

We look forward to hearing from you – and hope you will join us in person for the Earth & Ocean Arts Festival, September 16-19. Please contact us if you have any questions about the raffle or the festival. Take good care and stay safe.

Our best to you all!

Melisa, Lynette, Becca, Natalie, & Joe