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"I have always been fascinated by the beauty of flowers, butterflies, frogs, lizards and colorful birds that I found as a youth in my grandmother’s garden.  Their brilliant colors drew me like a magnet, and their lasting imagery became imprinted in my mind for life.  The interaction of small wildlife, delicate flowers and organic forms remain the foundation of all my art work.The long road of self-discovery has led me down unusual paths of artistic expression.  The functional and decorative art of European ceramics, and oriental bronzes that my grandmother and godmother collected provided further artistic inspiration.  After moving away from the more orthodox genres of Western art, I began to incorporate the artistic traditions of English Wedgwood, Italian malacia pottery, and Japanese decorative art. As a struggling sculptor, it was more natural for me to sculpt in the popular art forms of the Victorian Age; creating vases, bowls, candlesticks, bookends, trays, baskets and paper weights embellished with decorative flowers, insects, song birds, frogs, lizards and dragonflies. I relish in creating the rare, sometimes exotic, and unusual visions of beautiful objects of art. Following my own muse, my art is created for the sake of beauty.  The guiding principles in my art are the oriental concepts of natural, imperfect beauty.  I feel a spiritual kinship with the "imperfect perfection." These artistic values allow for the more spontaneous characteristics of handmade objects de art. Small, organic casting blemishes and tool marks are retained encouraging unusual organic textures, wax-flow lines that indulge the creative idiosyncrasies while incorporating the ancient art of lost-wax casting techniques that culminate in a more natural, antique appearance. It is the collective modeling and patina finishes that set each piece apart. Working more intuitively, I approach each bronze as a unique piece of art.  The result is art that has been allowed to evolve into beauty beyond what the artist would intentionally create.My work is design driven as I continue to push boundaries, exploring daily the possibilities of "what can be" in each piece, versus what it presently is.   I treasure pieces that resonate with the feel of another era, time, and place."