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Victoria is a unique combination of  fine artist, business entrepreneur and business owner which has propelled her into such diverse roles as art show promoter, museum  curator, artist promoter, show judge and artwork procurement facilitator. She began her career as a wildlife artist in 1991 after spending the previous 22 years as an accomplished rider, instructor and owner of an equestrian center in Columbus, Ohio. Her passion for animals and wildlife art blossomed once she arrived in Denver in 1989.Any chance for her to interact with wildlife in spirit, motion or daily life creates the inspiration for her individual sculptures. Her individualistic style is enhanced by the use of unique specialty wood such as rare 1500 year-old bristlecone pine, found in the Colorado mountains as high as 12,000 feet. She also utilizes burl wood such as Carpathian elm, cherry and rose myrtle which yield stunning one of a kind creations as a result of their shape, age and rarity. Her talents extend into clay and wax sculpture which are cast for limited bronze editions. To achieve her best work she’s always pushing the limits on what can be done in any medium so as to create a different effect. Victoria’s purpose is to make a defining connection with her subject which embodies and transcends the essence of the animal.Her accomplishments have cast her into numerous prestigious museum tour events, exhibits and shows including The Ward World Championships, world renown Birds in Art exhibitions, Loveland’s Sculpture in the Park shows, Society of Animal Artists, National Sculpture Society and Artists for Conservation museum openings as well as numerous exhibitions at Parker, Colorado’s own The Wildlife Experience museum. Victoria studied under Jack Bayman for wood sculpture and at the Art Students League of Denver in clay sculpture to be cast in bronze. She’s also a signature member of The Society of Animal Artists (SAA), Artists for Conservation (AFC) and associate member of the National Sculpture Society (NSS). Over the years she’s developed a creative, interpretive style which expresses her love and preservation of wildlife and nature. She supports The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust as well as other wildlife preservation causes.