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Robert Rogers is a native Texan whose work has been inspired by Native American art, Oriental Art, European art, scouting and Indian Lore. He studied at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas and has been greatly influenced by his visits to the great art meccas of Europe and especially by the art of Gustave Klimt and Rene Lalique. For more than 34 years, he has designed and created fine jewelry as an art and as an expression of love for the craft. His highly detailed work in his art reflects his skills as a jeweler and master wax carver. Robert’s expression of archetypes in Native American culture is depicted in petroglyphs and pictographs from ancient North American sites, blended with mystical spiritual symbols, Braille, Asian art and other icons. His limited edition collection includes two and three dimensional Bronzes, a full line of wearable art and a vibrant palette of contemporary paintings that follow the same mystical style for which he is known. Robert’s forms of art are layered by the actual creation of the piece and his descriptive storyline that develops the feeling and passion of each piece as it is being created. These storylines, written by Robert, accompany many of the individual artwork. The storyline plays as much a part of his art as the actual piece itself.  Reading the storylines while viewing his work creates an experience of emotion and memory of an event or person.  Robert calls this the “memory bond” which becomes the catalyst for the relationship to his work. Each person will experience this bond in a different manner.Robert currently resides in Lubbock, Texas with his wife and business manager, Caroline Byrd.