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“I think of my time machines as a flight of fantasy and fiction that celebrates the art, science and ingenuity of a bygone era. With exposed mechanical components and improvised parts they appear to be antique time keeping inventions. The assemblage of new and old objects invite the viewer to explore these incomprehensible devices that merge past and present.”   Time machines are working clocks that look like early 20th century contrivances. Randy uses antique hardware, glass tubes, wires and knobs, doodads and thingamajigs to create his sculpture. Adorned with familiar items, words, pictures, interactive and decorative elements, each piece is unique.   Randy Mulder started making his found-item sculpture nine years ago. A self-taught artist, Randy specialized in people and pet portraiture for many years before discovering a passion for assemblage art. Randy and his wife, Marvine, live in Wellington, Colorado with their two Boston terriers.