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Mark Lundeen was born on the Great Plains of Nebraska, in the small farming community of Holdrege.  He attended Kearney State College on an athletic scholarship and helped lead his football team to three national championship playoff appearances.  After receiving his college degree, Mark traveled extensively in Europe and the Mediterranean, studying the great masters of the past.  In 1989 he was accepted as a member of the National Sculpture Society, the most prestigious organization of its kind in North America.  His work has been collected by galleries, museums and private collectors throughout the world.  The ability to capture a moment in time best describes Mark’s work.  With exceptional detail and strong physical presence, his characters seem to spring to life. Mark has the innate talent of engaging the emotional aspects of his subjects with the essence of their spirit.  A natural born storyteller, Mark artfully stages each piece of art around the characters his stories portray.  From legendary baseball player, “Mighty Casey” to his enchanting “Afternoon in the Park”, Mark brings to the world of sculpture more than a dozen years of hard work.  Fluid lines, balance, integrity and a passion for his characters are captured in the clay.  Mark currently resides in Loveland, Colorado.