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Growing up an 'air force brat,' Linda Wilder travelled extensively across Canada and settleed in Alberta. Her creative ability was readily evident as a child and eventually was able to follow her destiny. Her education consists of formal training in Red Deer College (Art & Design) and U of C BFA program as well as numerous workshops with acclaimed artists. Linda is a prolific artist and enjoys a variety of tools (her favorite being the palette knife). Living in Calgary and painting full-time, she has enjoyed many successes and accolades. Linda's paintings are enjoyed in both corporate and private collections across Canada and world-wide. INSPIRATION:All my landscapes are inspired in some way or another the environment surrounding me whether it be a specific mountain, waterfall or an abstract shape.  If my heart skips a beat I take a second look to absorb and analyze. The simplest things capture my attention...the way light bounces off the water and rocks in a stream, the contrast of snow against the warm underbrush, creating abstracted all sparks an emotional cord. The environment stimulates your senses as you breathe the fresh air taking in all the sights and sounds; a truly awe inspiring and humbling experience. These paintings are my personal response to these surroundings both on location and from my studio.