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Linda Prokop was born in Indiana and began her artistic pursuits at an early age. She graduated from college with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1982 and began sculpting as her primary means of expression after she moved to Colorado in 1985. Linda is not middle-of-the-road, she is passionate. Her mature work is the evolution of her soul. It speaks and demands attention. She shares her spirit with us and exposes her deepest feelings. “The source of my imagery is rooted in my emotional response to the beauty of the world and a fascination with common, everyday occurrences. Many of my sculptural themes relate to the human condition of struggle and perseverance.I choose to depict the human form on an emotional level in a simplified, abstract manner. I believe that to isolate to the essence of an emotion or event is the most powerful form of expression. I frequently downplay the issue of gender to place a greater emphasis on the power of the human spirit and portray equality among its members. The most exciting outcome of this imagery is that it becomes cross-cultural and universal in meaning.” Linda currently works and lives in Loveland, Colorado. Her work is collected both nationally and internationally and she attends several of the top art shows in the United States each year.