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Kristina was born in Lancashire, England and came to Canada amid Centennial celebrations in 1967. She spent several years in Alberta before settling in Victoria, where she competes for wall space with her husband Mitch Stringer, a photographer, and their two children. She majored in painting and drawing while earning a BFA from the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary. Kristina's paintings reflect her life on the West Coast. Infused with the colors and tones from the multitude of stones found along the beaches of Canada‚Äôs west coast, the painting possibilities are endless. Her paintings present the subject matter found on many walks along the beach, yet are created from within rather than from a still life construction or photograph. The shadows between the stones evolve as she places the lines and tones upon the canvas. The process of painting mimics the reaction of sand and water on stones in nature as the stones settle into place during the creative process. In the finished painting, the eye travels along the crevices created by the shadows, just as water would flow around the stones on the beach.