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Jason Frederick-Law was born in Loveland, CO in 1972.  As a child he struggled with dyslexia. His work with a specialist fostered an innate artistic/spatial ability and by fourth grade he won his first art award. While still in high school, he took classes at Loveland’s Schissler Academy of Fine Arts which he continued through college. He graduated from the University of Northern Colorado where he studied art history and was influenced by the art of the Renaissance as well as Italian Futurism.  Jason’s first job out of college was with sculptor Dee Clements of Loveland. He has been involved with the bronze industry ever since, both in the foundry setting and as an artist. His current work is inspired by childhood time spent boating on local lakes with his family. He became fascinated with boats and thus began his research into how every culture has solved the challenge of water travel, as an answer to basic needs of survival as well as the yearning to risk all in search of adventure and exploration.  In boats he finds a metaphor for life – the hulls and mechanical pieces, our bodies, while the sails represent that less concrete, ethereal ‘other’ which drives us – our hopes, dreams, and beliefs . . . all manifested beautifully in his dedicated reproduction of boats, both real and imagined.  Jason lives in Greely, Colorado with his wife, Kimberly, and four children.