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Oregon-native Donnie Wanner brings a new approach to metal wall sculpture, using “old school torch work”, quality patinas, and chrome plating as well as incorporating sculpted bronzes into many of his scenes.  “My wall hangings are more like metal murals,” he said.  Wanner ‘s murals depict actual nature scenes of places such as Arch Rock on the southern Oregon Coast, Mount Rainer, and the Three Sisters.  Each piece is hand-made, much of it cut free hand out of sheet metal with a heat torch.  “I see my work as limited edition originals,” Wanner said. His work continues to grow in demand as metal sculptures of such color and quality are rare. Wanner began his career working metal 30 years ago at a neo-classic car manufacturer where he gained extensive metal skills in shaping, forming, and fabrication.  Through continued education and success in the art world, Wanner’s work has become distinctive for its design, refinement and unique patinas.  In addition to working with several fine art galleries, Wanner has recently done large corporate works and has completed several  custom commission pieces for his growing audience. He now works out of Rigby Idaho.