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"I sculpt because I enjoy the challenge of manipulating space, I choose birds as my subject matter because they fascinate me to no end."Using birds as a point of departure, Don explores the relationship of positive and negative space and manipulates this interplay in mixed metals to give the impression of life and movement. His work, although somewhat abstract, is based on anatomical accuracy, "I feel you should have an intimate understanding of your subject matter before you attempt to abstract it. This allows you to select which characteristics to emphasize, or de-emphasize, in order to create a certain feeling in the piece".After completing his BFA in sculpture (1993-1995) and a summer print-making workshop in Florence, Italy (1995), Don began sculpting part-time while embarking on the establishment of Vanguard Sculpture Services, a full service sculpture foundry (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) where he specialized in the casting of bronze monuments. In 1997, Don began to focus on the development of his art work and in 2001 left the foundry business to pursue sculpting and exhibitions full-time. While making this transition, Don was sought out to teach an introductory welding class at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which he taught from 2000 to 2002. In addition to his professional experience as a Sculptor, Artisan, and Teacher, Don has volunteered with several organizations that have given him unique, hands-on experience with birds, including volunteering with the Wisconsin Peregrine Society (1992 - 2002, banding young falcons) and The Milwaukee Public Museum (1992) as a taxidermist.  In the past decade, Don has exhibited his work across the United States, including the "Bird's in Art" Exhibition at the Leigh Yawkey Woodsen Art Museum in Wausau, Wisconsin and the Society of Animal Artists Exhibition, Art and the Animal in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.