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"As an artist, I’ve been inspired by people and things both in and outside the 'fine arts' disciplines, but I probably owe as much to my rural upbringing and surroundings as to any other influences for the images I produce. Growing up living and working among cattle ranchers, art was not really the kind of thing that one should take too seriously. So, initially, I tried to focus my creative energy on functional objects, such that I would be considered useful. But time would inevitably lead me to make things that had no purpose whatsoever." David Crawford was born in 1955 in Walla Walla, WA and grew up in rural southeast Oregon in Adel and later Lakeview. He worked on the MC Ranch for a hay contractor during the summers until he graduated from high school. He received a bachelors degree in Art from Eastern Oregon University in 1979, he married Victoria Thew and he began his early art career in Portland, OR. In late 1981, he moved to Enterprise, OR where both of his sons were born. Working in furniture at first, he began in 1986 to work primarily in bronze.In 1993, he and his family moved to Halfway, OR where he currently maintains his studio and foundry for casting his works. David works in limited edition bronze with most editions numbering just 9.