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Cary Henrie must have been born with an inherent connection to the American West, and it permeates his artwork.  Born in Utah, 1961, he later moved to New York to study art at Pratt University.  After painting for ten years in the city, Henrie set out on his westward pilgrimage, landing in Bountiful, Utah and began capturing the beauty of his surroundings on canvas. Experimental endeavors in abstract painting have also shaped much of his portfolio. Henrie’s success as an artist is notable; he has been published in Time, Sports Illustrated, Forbes, US News & World Report, Esquire, Southwest Art, and the New York Times.  Henrie’s extended portfolio includes many highly textured landscape paintings that convey a sense of vast, peaceful stretches of land with suggestions of the way the mind works to perceive them.  These abstracted landscapes of the weathered west embrace vibrant earth tones and windswept horizons, capturing the vastness of this great area.  Aside from the western façade, Henrie draws inspiration from Italian frescos and his time spent in New York museums.  Ever-interested in creating new looks in painting, Henrie’s most recent artistic experiments have led him to develop dimensional abstract paintings, which function like sculptures for the wall. These sculptural paintings contrast sharply with many 2-dimensional works, and even stand out as significantly more abstracted than many of Henrie’s own compositions. Each of these dimensional pieces use aluminum or copper as a base, with special grinds to achieve a shimmery, almost holographic effect. Secondary layers of metallic acrylic are then applied in a variety of methods with tools like sponges, trowels and rollers. The work is painted flat, and then bent into curved frames. These curving, dynamic works cast intriguing shadows and change light and color as the day or light changes.