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"I truly enjoy trying to create a new look in painting.  I enjoyed living in New York and studying up close the work of such Abstract Expressionists as Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman and Clyfford Still.  I also traveled through the world visiting such places as Bali, Egypt, Israel and Europe.  I loved the worn and broken patinas that I saw in the architecture and art.  I saw similarities to my native West in the weather-beaten landscapes, the sandstone textures, the patina of rusted metal, contrasted with vast soft sunsets and auras of changing skies, which to me is the essence of the West.  I paint natural elements and atmosphere, hinting at windswept hills, trees, clouds and vistas.  I try to create a spiritual glow, aura and softness contrasted with raw and broken forms.  Textures are burnished, toned and tinted which evoke ancient frescoes, ruins and even aged sandstone elements.  Geometric lines contrast soft forms and focus movement and light.  The result of my technique is unique as your eye blends all the shifting layers into a pleasing whole. Everybody sees something different in them.  Some see lakes, some trees, others clouds, cliffs, etc.  To me this is the strength of abstract art, that each painting has a different meaning to each individual.  I look forward to the exploration." Cary Henrie must have been born with an inherent connection to the American West, and it permeates his artwork.  Born in Utah, 1961, he later moved to New York to study art at Pratt University.  After painting for ten years in the city, Henrie set out on his westward pilgrimage, landing in Bountiful, Utah and began capturing the beauty of his surroundings on canvas. With each piece, the artist spends hours laying his canvas with additive and subtractive methods: sanding, varnishing, taping, adding paint, burnishing and removing layers of paint.  Henrie's highly textural process lends to the depth and sophistication of each work of art. Henrie's abstracted landscapes of the weathered west embrace vibrant earth tones and windswept horizons, capturing the vastness of this great area.  Aside from the western façade, Cary draws inspiration from Italian frescos and his time spent in New York museums. Cary's handsomely scaled paintings convey a sense of vast, peaceful stretches of land with suggestions of the way the mind works to perceive them.  His use of juxtaposed panels with the picture suggests a subject behind the subject.  His translucent bands form filtered lines of demarcation between thoughts.  Always, there are the planes, gradations, and shifts that keep the image in motion.  Cary Henrie is a dynamic artist who goes beyond appearance and paints the idea of landscape.  Cary Henrie has been published in Time, Sports Illustrated, Forbes, US News & World Report, Esquire, Southwest Art and the New York Times.