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April Ottey is a jewelry artist living in Richland,WA. She has her studio a stones throw from the Columbia River where she creates contemporary jewelry inspired by the natural world. April uses ethically sourced metals and stones and creates every piece with careful craftsmanship. April’s work explores the relationships between natural objects and hand crafted pieces where the mark of nature isn't so different from the mark of the maker. Her obsession with the colors and textures of plants in her gardens, and her close-up inspection of various stages of birth, growth, death, and decay or erosion in forests, rivers, beaches and mountains has shaped who she is as an artist. Smooth rocks, intricate seed pods and textured sticks are just a few of the raw materials that April incorporates into her art. Using traditional metalsmithing techniques and casting directly from botanicals, collected in her garden and while out exploring, April is able to transform the beauty of nature into jewelry that you will want to wear everyday and cherish for years to come. April completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees in photography at Montana State University and Central Washington University, respectively while focusing on the process of change as natural and manmade forms coalesced. Not long after she finished her MFA, she began working in metals and has been making jewelry for the past 20 years. Her work can be seen in a number of galleries in the northwest. She is a member of the Northwest Designer Craftsmen Guild. She does commission work and has created many one a kind pieces for clients.