'Canopic Horse'


H 19.5in x W 21.5in x D 14in

"I have been interested in Egyptian artifacts since the King Tut exhibit travelled the US in 1979 0r 1980. Of particular interest were the "'canopic vessels", though I liked it all. I wondered whether anyone found these items comical in their times, or if they just thought it was a great idea to take the various organs from the deceased, and put them in separate jars that sported the images of local animals. I like horses, as is evident from my works, and I felt that the animal would make not only a better bearer of ones organs into the afterlife, given it's practice carting the rest of our carcasses around, but it also would logically hold more. My canopic horse has ample liver room, and maybe room to throw in a lung or two. And being that after you die, you really aren't doing much bodily travel, it seemed appropriate that the feet would have no legs, but just hang on chains. I wouldn't want my organs racing all over creation in my afterlife among all the nubile women and Gods. Best they stay put near me, should I need them again in another life. The lamp post upon which the head is dangling is a relic of my own youth, where a similar post helped me learn to ride a bicycle. At least that is how I remember it. "

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