'Guardian Figure with Masks'


H 44in

"I saw this piece as an image portraying the psychological concept of two conflicting and disguised influences on a guardian, or personal angel. A youthful woman (in this case, because they are better to look at than men) represents this angel, as it were. I think that there are always alternatives that present themselves to us as life hands us challenges, and that the alternatives are not often clear how they will affect us. The alternatives themselves wear disguises. The figure in this piece is the guardian, and as guardian may not know what the choices for the individual may bring. But a choice will be made that will have to be lived with, no matter what. Even no choice will have become a choice. The idea of a guardian misleading us, by themselves not knowing the ramifications of the decision at hand, seemed to entertain and add to my confusion as a parent when I made this piece. It helped a lot. It was all a piece of cake after that. Is it OK to lie on this test."


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