'Nude Sketch'


H 37in x W 17in x D 23in

"Many of my pieces come from drawings that I do in bed before I give up on being awake. They occupy me in that space between awake and asleep, that doesn't really make so much sense in the daytime. I don't sketch things that are in my room, but rather just draw whatever falls out of my head onto the paper. One might think that would usually be ticks and such, but more often it is a form of tactile gibberish from which a wealth of my ideas spring. I have struggled to keep from overcorrecting these images as I take the ideas forward to a complete sculpture, and sometimes lose the essence of the image that inspired me, while lending three dimensions to what began a two dimensional form. In Nude Sketch, I tried to capture the sketch itself, rather than take from it a 3 dimensional image. In other words I tried to draw in space with line and volume, the original sketch that interested me. Much has been done with this concept in wire, but I have an affinity for volume. I wanted more than wire, but less than full figure dimensionality. As to the meaning I associate with the piece, I just see it as a sketch of the female form in a pensive mood."


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