'Cougar Bench'


H 52in x W 68in x D 40in

When the historic building at Fourth and Lincoln in Loveland, CO, burned down, the city decided to build a Pocket Park on the spot, for "quiet times, lunch-time concerts, and gatherings for community festivals." The "Cougar Bench" was created to provide a resting place for visitors to the park, affording the unique experience of sitting with a friendly Mountain Lion at one's shoulder. It was commissioned via open competition by the Visual Arts Commission of Loveland, installed in 1990, and has since become a popular place for kids, adults and family pets to have their pictures taken. No one knows how to relax like a cat. But even in repose, the feline is always alert, always aware of what goes on around him. Pictured here is Rosetta with the sculpture in Colorado in 1990. The edition has since sold out. Please contact us for details on acquiring this rare piece.

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