'Cache Bull'


H 13in x W 23in x D 13in

"I am not too terribly interested in cows as friends, or even the aesthetic amenities of cows. In fact I am almost impervious to "bovine magnetism". The horns do get my attention, and they should. A Brahman bull, or most any older bull can command a fair amount of attention with or without horns for their surprising agility and power, but what really interests me about cattle is how much of our lives in the west revolve around cows and their place in our landscape. Our land is fenced and irrigated and groomed more or less in perpetuity because of our relationship with cattle and other livestock. Where horses might imply wealth, in this age cattle are wealth. Essentially they are living storage facilities for accumulating seasonal vegetation into a useful product. Nobody raises cattle for lawn ornaments, at least not where I live. With a few exceptions, beef cattle aren't even particularly domestic. They have been bred for manageability, somewhat, but mostly for meat..."


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