'Hippus Opus'


H 18.5in x W 31in x D 7in

"Every once in a while, something just falls out of my head and onto a piece of paper more or less exactly as I would like to see it in 3D. This was the case with Hippus Opus. It was not that it came out of nowhere, though I had been wondering why I'd made so many horses in my career, and whether I might end up doing another one someday, and I had even been wondering "Is it art to sculpt a horse?". And it occurred to me that this whole question "what is art?" should just be done away with. We should just decide. And, if not me, who? If not now, when? So I decided since no one else was around, Art is a horse. Hence forth and ever onward, art is a horse. Artists make horses out of stuff. Some boxes stuck together with some sticks can be art, but only if they make a horse. Since most (all) of the important art critics of our day were too lazy to attend my important summit on "what is art?" there will probably remain some disagreement on this definition, but why not define art in such narrow terms? It's not like we can't come up with new and interesting horse depictions. And if we can't, well, maybe we aren't artists. I realize I will likely not win over those few dissenters, who would rather consider the broad range of human experience as fodder for making art, but my decision satisfied my quandary for that day and Hippus Opus was born."

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