H 11in x W 5in x D 5in

"My daughter spontaneously did this handstand during one of our visits to Cannon Beach. Our family was in the early stage of a profound change that would alter our lives forever. Like all parents, I wanted to shield my children from as much pain as possible. I have learned that this is an impossible task. Change, grief, and loss, are all parts of life and growing up in it. I have come to believe that, as a parent, my only source of strength is to be steadfast in love and present in the moment. The title "Courage" came from a hopeful attribute that I have since watched both my daughters develop during these trying times. The word courage is derived from a French term "coeur" which means heart. How perfect a reminder to us all. Through listening to our hearts and behaving in a loving manner courage is obtainable and presents its healing power."

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