'August Night Clown'


H 53in x W 17in x D 19in

"This piece is from a sketch I did while littering hundreds of pages with clown images during my "Clown Period". Many would say I have always been in this period, but I am writing this, so if nobody ever decides to do any historical work on me, my version of the truth will be the one recorded. The title more or less describes the mood of the piece, as well as the style of clown that I reference, the "august clown". I'm not interested in "Bubbles, the clown", but rather the humanity that lies beneath the make-up. This idea became an obsession after seeing a rodeo clown drinking a beer after the bull riding event. He was not much for goofing off, but rather a study in seriousness. Their job is important and commands respect from the participants, and that disconnect between the make-up and the job of the clown fascinates me. The social barriers that are routinely broken in "clowning" skits aren't really the thing that captures my imagination, but the backstage off-duty person inside the garb. I imagine that you laughed at your peril at Emmet Kelly after the show; a bit like laughing at Jack Nicholson backstage. No thank-you, but you may."


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