'Pecking Orders'


H 23in x W 12in x D 9in

"This piece is about an arms race among the animals. Many animals have inherited remarkable concepts of deception, and in Pecking Orders, I was imagining woodpeckers creating a deterrent device to ward off interlopers. I know that many birds are great crafts birds, and could, should they care to, sculpt a cat that would have a movable mouth, and there is a distinct possibility that they would admire wood-turning enough to throw some of that in just to showcase the craft. I chose a rather elongated form for the cat, because woodpeckers primarily start with single trees as their sculpting medium. I figure they got a little carried away whilst pecking down for the neck. I know birds often employ found objects in their routines, so chose the barbed wire for the claws, as it is readily available in most semi-wild places where birds abound. I also imply by the title that these birds in particular, have been directed to this task by a more socially powerful member of their species. Like the shrine builders of our own species, these guys are part of laboring class. "


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