H 87in x W 36in x D 53in

Please contact us for price. "Kokopelli is identified by moist Native cultures as a fertility symbol. There are many theories of his origin from being some type of bird man to an insect man or hunch back. Most anthropologists think he was inspired by the Traders coming up from Mexico to trade with the Native cultures like the Anasazi, Hohoka or Papago tribes.

During this period, there were no horses and it might have been common to see Traders on foot carrying large bags of wares. A flute or whistle would have been useful to a salesman entering an encampment alerting residents of his presence but also a symbol of his non aggression. Although Kokopelli was said to sell anything from rainbows to see, he was always referred to as a ladies' man.

His outfit would have been typical of the period. His sandals were made from yucca and his headdress was fashioned after an old Apache headdress which was possibly a clue to what the petroglyphs were suggesting. "

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