Hans Schiebold was born in Freiberg, Germany.  He came to the United States to study at Hartford Art School University in Hartford, CT and received his Masters of Fine Arts in 1970, after which time he became the professor of fine arts at Wesleyan University in CT from 1970 to 1978.


During this period Hans was actively involved in the New York abstract art scene of the '70's, where his paintings were displayed in over 10 major museums on the east coast, and was featured in several international museum shows as well.  In 1978 he accepted the position as professor of art at Wichita University in Kansas, which he held until 1982 when he decided to move to the Portland area where he first began to bring his images from the abstract realm into a more representational form.


Hans' abstract images contained very complex and un-orthodox methods of creation, several of which he has incorporated into his more representational art forms.  No paint brushes are used in his acrylic on canvas based images, choosing to use unique tools to roll and press the pigment onto the canvas layer after layer.  Hans is one of the truly unique and gifted artists today in the United States, and his paintings have been purchased for collections and shows all throughout North America.